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The home of Vinyl Zoo records and a bunch of DJ's. Producing their own no nonsense brand of Techno and Trance, the emphasis is on producing quality tracks rather than pumping out "Anthem after Anthem." So check out our stuff, come to our nights and see why Vinyl Zoo really are "Releasing Wild Records" Have fun.
The Zoologists

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5th / June / 2002 Milkology @ CRASH Vauxhall
66 Goding Street, Vauxhall, London SE11
Friday 5th July, 10pm - 6am
Entry: £12 (£10 members / Jedi Ravers)
Info: 07710 461563
Room 1: MooZoo
Joanna M (Milk / Poleshift)
RedCaT (Vinyl Zoo)
D'Marr Ford (Milk / kcode)
Latex Zebra (Vinyl Zoo)
EJ Doubell (Trade)
Room 2: The Udder Room
Doudou Malicious & Cyril Darracq (CDMusix}
Ian Betts (Twisted / KnowWhere)
DJGRH (Frantic, HQ Amsterdam, Base)
B.S.E. (Vinyl Zoo)
The Breaks Professor (Barely Legal)


31/05/2002 Zoology @ Club 414 Brixton
The line up for the 31st is RedCaT, LatexZebra, B.S.E. DJ Broadsword & Keith Fox
. If you don't have flyers, drop us an e-mail guest@vinylzoo.co.uk, and we will put you on the paying guest list !!!
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